Welcome to Lakewood...where no one can hear you SCREAM!

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List of CharactersEdit

List of Deaths (Season 1)Edit

1) Tyler O'Neill - decapitated (off-screen)

2) Nina Patterson - back slashed; throat slit

3) Rachel Murray - thrown over balcony; hanged from noose

4) Riley Marra - stabbed twice in lower back; femoral artery slashed; bleeds to death

5) Will Belmont - head sliced from tractor blade (not shown)

6) Deputy Roberts - handcuffed to jail cell; stabbed multiple times (not shown)

7) Clark Hudson - gutted

8) Grayson - throat slit (off-screen)

9) Piper Shaw - shot in chest then head with revolver by Audrey and Emma

List of Deaths (Season 2)Edit

1) Jake Fitzgerald

2) Zoe Vaughn

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